The geological reservation of basalt columns in Racos is an extremely interesting place, but is little known in the tourism industry. Transylvania has been known since ancient times as a region with relatively strong volcanic activity. Today, in some parts of Romania such as Racos, visitors can discover fascinating geological formations of volcanic origin. The formation of these basalt columns was caused by rapid cooling of molten lava. In fact, due to its composition and high content of silica, lava tends to cool fairly quickly. Rarely, in places such as Racos, it hardens almost instantly and thus forms columns, as if created by sculptors. Racos consists of many parts, including a basalt quarry which is still used on occasion. The columns, whose height ranges from 10 to 15 meters, are generally divided into three parts: the base, middle and a top of slag (small basalt formations with a low density). These three parts are correspond to the lava’s rate of cooling.