The Carpathian Mountains have until recently remained remarkably preserved. But over the past two decades, pressure for development has mounted and is being acutely felt in Europe’s greatest remaining wilderness.
Romania is likewise home to the largest surface of virgin forests in Europe (excluding Russia), totaling 250,000 hectares (65%), most of them in the Carpathians, with the Southern Carpathians constituting Europe’s largest unfragmented forested area.
The flora of the Carpathians includes 1350 species, among which 116 are endemic.
They contain the highest concentration of large carnivores in Europe, with estimates of over 6000 brown bears, 2500 wolves and some 1750 lynx living in the region. The Romanian Carpathians represent an exceptional tourist attraction.
The Danube-Carpathian region contains many of Europe’s most valuable forest habitats and resources, including the largest remaining area of natural forests.