About the photographer

Hello! My Name is Silviu Laurian Gavrilut and I’m an amateur photographer living in the city of Brasov, in the Transylvania region of Romania. I was always attracted and fascinated by nature in all its forms of manifestation, and this passion also generated the passion for photography. Mountains, hills, lakes and rivers, their flora and fauna are a permanent attraction and a hiking invitation that I can hardly resist.

At first I photographed using black and white film, then a color film, and now I'm photographing using digital equipment, but the desire to use cameras on medium or wide format film has not yet faded. In 1992 I participated in a photography course held by Mr. Mihai Moiceanu and organized by Transylvania University in Brasov. This course was an opportunity for me in terms of acquiring the knowledge of the technique and the photographic art necessary for my subsequent development as a photographer. The photography style was mainly influenced by my photography teacher, Mihai Moiceanu, a very talented photographer, currently the president of the photo club I am part of, EXDECO in Brasov.

The current personal photography site is structured to encompass my main themes of photography attraction and generally subjects in Romania, and then add albums with pictures from other places. Mountain landscapes, Transylvanian fortifications, Monasteries in northern Moldavia are the most important themes I want to present, but probably will take some time before this site presents all these themes.

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